Seeing a potential need to help small businesses gain more exposure, CNY Software Solutions started out by building business card sites. This enabled the businesses to establish a web presence and enhance their visibility to their current clientele and help expand upon that client base.


The next step for us was to move into content management systems. Working with a client based across the United States our first in-house content management system was made. This technology allows you, the end-user, to maintain the dynamic content on your web site. Such content would consist of photos, events,and news postings, giving you a customized solution tailored to your business needs.


Keeping up with technological trends we started working with open source solutions for E-Commerce sites. In addition to that our programming languages expanded by using MVC. The use of this programming language, allows for more organized structure than what has been done previously. Using open source solutions allow us to provide you with quality work at affordable prices.


Technology trends continue to move upward as we start to implement responsive design in our websites. This technology makes it so your clients can view your web site on any mobile device easily and effectively. In addition to that the company is in the process of working on mobile apps as well.